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How to find your Project's forum

The project forums are used for communication of students with supervisors for topics regarding theses projects. Users can only enter the forum of a project only if they are logged in. The only way to enter the forum is through the user's profile menu and from there to press "read more" to one of the projects they are involved with. This way the communication is private only among those who work on a project, or supervise it or simply have been given permission to view it. Files and images can also be uploaded if it helps with the communication between the users envolved.

How to enter the forum of a project:

  • Once logged in, click on your profile's name and click the "PROFILE " option. This page includes an overview of your profile's details and the projects you are envolved with.
  • To enter a project's forum, click on the corresponding category of the project and click "READ MORE".
  • Once the details of the project are shown, click on the "PROJECT FORUM" button to see the topics regarding that project.
  • New topics can be posted by pressing the button "START A NEW TOPIC" .

Thesis Assesment and Evaluation

Αll assignemets are evaluated on the basis of their scientific contribution, including the theoretical and practical aspects. Ten individual assesment criteria, organised in five groups, each evaluating the coverage of the topic, understanding, contribution and independent work of the student, as well as presentation and readability, have been identified, and a clear marking scheme for each one has been adopted. This scheme can be found here (GR) and here (ENG).

Thesis Template

All theses that our networks laboratory supports and overwatches must be formed in the same template and subject the same text formatting. The template can be downloaded in a microsoft office document here(GR).

Citation and References

All thesis must include bibliography listing all the material and sources the research was based on. The most preferable and known styles to cite/reference sources are APA and IEEE. Guide for APA style can be found here(GR), while for the IEEE style here(ENG)

Thesis Completion process

Upon completion of the Thesis, the process for submission and assessment of the Thesis, as well as the actions required by the student are described here (GR).